Origin Story

I am quite shy of humans until I get to know you firsthand.
Then I get quite good at reading your command.
I’m a good mother donkey, bonded to my son.
We love to groom one another as well as chase and have fun.

When I was surrendered to my old sanctuary in New Jersey my owners hid the fact that I was pregnant for fear that the sanctuary wouldn’t take me if they knew the truth. Everyone thought I was just a bit overweight until my baby, Presso, was born – a surprise to everyone but me.

From there we were both lucky to find a loving home at Lotsa Heart where we get extra attention. I’m still a bit wary and don’t trust all humans, but these ones are taking care of my boy quite well and he’s now so tall, healthy, strong, and handsome. I’m the only female at the barn so I am a mother to everyone and while I enjoy it, it can also be exhausting. 5 male donkeys and mules, two male pigs and me so far – it’s not easy to keep everyone together and friendly.

I’m a mother through and through so if you decide to sponsor me I might spend it on something for my little one to enjoy as well…but then again, a spa day sure does sound nice too!

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Type: Donkey
Adoption Date: September 20, 2019
Birthplace: New Jersey
Personality Type: Nurturer
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Treat: Apples
Favorite Book: The Wisdom of Donkeys
Favorite Song: Run the World (Girls)
Favorite way to relax: Relax? I’m a mom.
Favorite Movie: The Incredibles
Favorite Celebrity: Beyonce
Favorite Athlete: Serena Williams
Dislikes: misbehaving children, scary/loud humans, ear pets


Speed: 89
Awareness: 94
Agility: 87
Strength: 85
Heart: 100

Weakness: Her baby boy

Special move: The Love Bite – get outta line and she’ll nip that neck and let you know.

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