Meet the Animals

Sponsoring an individual animal is one of the best ways you can support our efforts. Click on any friendly face below to learn all about their likes, dislikes, and how they came to find their home at Lotsa Heart Animal Sanctuary. Sponsor the one you relate to the most and then follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get the latest pictures, videos, and stories surrounding this lovable crew.


My name is Lola, and I am a gentle older cat with a soft coat. I spent my entire life with a wonderful family, growing

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Katniss, potbelly pig


My name is Katniss, and I’ve survived something that I never thought I could. You see, I started life as a tiny potbelly pig, as

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Once a barn cat where shadows play, Rescued into warmth, his fears swept away, Christmas brought a home, a love untold – Big-pawed and sweet,

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mufasa the russian blue kitten


Mufasa, the lion-hearted, bold and true, With a mane so fluffy and fur of blue. Toilet paper is his passion, a playful affair, Rollin’ and

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Potbelly pig Gidget


With a mischievous gleam in her eye, She’d frolic and scamper in the bright blue sky. In pools of water, she’d find delight, Splashing and

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I’m an absolute sweetheart, like you wouldn’t believe. I even wear a heart on my sleeve. Thankful to be safe and sound and come to

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I was a surprise baby they all say. Center of attention in every way. I love to give hugs and greet our guests. I tilt

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I am quite shy of humans until I get to know you firsthand. Then I get quite good at reading your command. I’m a good

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I’m the alpha of this band of donkeys and mules. I protect everyone and make sure they follow the rules. As the leader I make

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I’m the spokesdonkey of the group. I’ll hoot and I’ll holler ’til the humans get the scoop. I’ll play tug o’ war, I’ll jump and

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A white and brown spotted minature donkey with a gray cat standing on its back.


I’m as sweet as they come. Gentle natured at heart. I’m a real life marshmallow. And also quite smart. I love to have a few

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Although I can come across as being quite shy. Say the word “cookie” and I’ll be your guy. I’ll give you sweet kisses if you

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I love to get comfy in most any place. Mom and Dad set up pillows so I have my own space. I’m a big fan

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Grey and white domestic shorthair cat sitting on some pink, green and blue tissue paper that he has lightly torn up with his claws.


I love to play games like peek-a-boo and tag. Just please watch your step because I zig and I zag. Wiggle a feather and I

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A white furry potbelly pig with tusks a couple inches long, smiling while standing on the grass in front of a tan barn.

Willie Nelson

I’m a sweetheart by nature, so chill and so mellow. Hold up a snack and I’ll be your fellow. I love to explore all day

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Since I was paired with my bff Willie. I’m warmer and nicer and often quite silly. I love to sit and open wide for a

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Tostito (Tito)

I love to do tricks for treats, but please don’t ask if you have nothing to eat! I’ve learned so far to sit and twist,

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The head of a black and white potbelly pig is peaking out of a green and red plaid blanket.


My favorite hobby is rearranging my room. I also love to be petted, snuggled and groomed. Listen to my stories a while. All of my

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In Memoriam


I’m the cat that started it all. Hard to believe I was pick up at a mall. I loved to play hide and go seek.

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Scared and shy when I first arrived. In retirement I did so thrive. Friends with every animal I met. Pet pets and snuggles I did

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My name is Newman, but they nicknamed me Bear. I used to be wild, but now I’m in care. Just call me up and pet

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