Origin Story

Mufasa, the lion-hearted, bold and true,
With a mane so fluffy and fur of blue.
Toilet paper is his passion, a playful affair,
Rollin’ and tumblin’ without a care.

Chasing his tail, a mesmerizing dance,
In a world of wonder, he’d often prance.
A whirlwind of joy, a furry spree,
Mufasa’s spirit wild and free.

My start wasn’t ideal. My previous owners wanted me gone because their fancy Maine Coon just couldn’t handle having a rambunctious¬† amazing kitten around that was stealing some attention. So, I was kept in a tiny bathroom until they could find someone to take me. Fortunately, some suckers came along that were picking up a pig that was living outside (Gidget) and we talked them into taking me too! What luck for me.

I was infested with fleas and worms, but they cleaned me up right quick and now I am the Mighty Mufasa! I dart all around this place, there are so…many…toys. Toys upon toys upon toys, this is like kitty heaven. I can’t even describe it. I’ll play with a ball, then a feather, then back to the ball before pouncing on a cat nip pouch and then sprinting all over the house. There’s other cats here and they just look at me like I am crazy, bunch of old boomer cats that just sleep and eat. I’m the only kitten right now, but man is it awesome.

I’m pretty sure I’m the fastest one here, but there’s this one mama cat that begs to differ. She doesn’t seem interested in racing though. I’m training hard just in case she changes her mind. I just know I could beat her. She looks like she might play dirty though so we’ll need the humans to judge and keep an eye on her.

I’d love to stay and chat but this ball is not going to play with itself so I gotta get going. Catch ya later!


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Type: Russian Blue
Adoption Date: July 24, 2023
Birthplace: South Carolina
Personality Type: Adventurer
Favorite Color: Grey like me!
Favorite Treat: Forget food, just give me something to play with
Favorite Book: This Book is Literally Just Pictures Of Cute Animals that Will Make You Feel Better
Favorite Song: Bouncin’ off the Walls Again by Sugarcult
Favorite way to relax: relax? why would I want to relax when I can plaaaay
Favorite Movie: Elf
Favorite Celebrity: Will Ferrell
Favorite Athlete: De’Von Achane
Dislikes: nothing, I love life, life is the greatest


Speed: 97
Awareness: 81
Agility: 94
Strength: 32
Heart: 100

Weakness: ball? ball!

Special move: Sneak Attack – just when you think I’ve settled down I will come out of nowhere to try and trip you and pounce on you

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