Diamond Girl

Origin Story

I used to be so scared and so shy.
Now I’m a daddy’s girl by and by.
I love to sit in any sunspot.
If my brothers chase me, they may get swat.
I love to carry around all my toys.
Making it known they are mine and not the boys.

I used to roam the suburbs of Middletown, New Jersey protecting my kittens from evil humans that would throw beer bottles at us and try to harm us. One day I was lucky enough to find a friendly neighbor and asked her to protect and find homes for my kittens – it was too dangerous on the streets. She helped us and all my babies found loving homes, but no one had room for a full grown female cat that wasn’t particularly fond of humans. I was ignored, or returned by the few people who did take a chance on me.

A new couple brought me home and I hid under the bed and hissed just like all the other times. But this time, the humans weren’t scared, sad, or angry. They listened and fed me under the bed, sang me songs, laid down next to me and played feather. It was…different…nice even. They had three other male cats that all vouched for them but I was still skeptical. Finally, the nice lady who rescued my kittens also came to visit and said that these humans were good like her and I should give them a chance.

From then on I warmed up to my new family and we’ve had a lot of amazing adventures together. I still run from those menace twins, Splish and Splash, from time to time. When the crazy days end, I love snuggling with my human daddy and occasionally sneaking off to Purrnelopes Country Club for some spiced milk. Meow for now!

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Type: Domestic Short Hair Cat
Rescue Date: May 10, 2015
Birthplace: Middletown, New Jersey
Personality Type: Champion
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: Blue Buffalo dry food
Favorite Book: Where the Wild Things Are
Favorite Song: Karma – Taylor Swift
Favorite way to relax: In my perch by the sunny window
Favorite Movie: The Secret Life of Pets
Favorite Celebrity: Taylor Swift
Favorite Athlete: Simone Biles
Dislikes: most humans, other cats, pretty much everything


Speed: 99
Awareness: 84
Agility: 90
Strength: 53
Heart: 100

Weakness: My human daddy

Special Move: Super Speed – faster than the flash. If you think you caught her, you didn’t.

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