Origin Story

I’m the alpha of this band of donkeys and mules.
I protect everyone and make sure they follow the rules.
As the leader I make sure I am first in line.
Otherwise, the cookie monster in me comes out and I’ll whine.
When it comes to meal time I don’t like to be late.
I’ll run to my station to make sure I’m greeted at the gate.

Some donkeys are just blessed. I’m big and strong, bold and beautiful. All the fellas wanna be me. All the ladies wanna be with me.  I’m basically the Shaquille O’Neal of mules, dominating the paddock and boxing out opponents from the hay bags and food bowls then sprinting my way from food station to food station on the paradise track.

My little bro, Cricket, is always by my side. He’s loud, but I don’t mind because I’m more of the quiet type and speak with my presence, so it’s nice to have a vocal type nearby when I need him. I may be large and in charge but I can still move with the best of them and love to get out for a run from time to time with the rest of the family.

Don’t be fooled by all those that call me a bully. They’re just jealous and I’m really a lovable giant.

I’m so glad I was rescued by LotsaHeart and they brought a bunch of my old pals with me. Please support the sanctuary so they can continue to provide a loving home for more animals like me

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Type: Miniature Mule
Adoption Date: September 20, 2019
Birthplace: New Jersey
Personality Type: Commander
Favorite Color: Dark Green
Favorite Treat: Soft peppermint candy
Favorite Book: You Are (Not) Small
Favorite Song: The Last Saskatchewan Pirate – Derina Harvey Band
Favorite way to relax: with a snack
Favorite Movie: Rogue One
Favorite Celebrity: Drake AKA “Champagne Papi”
Favorite Athlete: Shaquille O’Neal
Dislikes: empty hay bags, Wood fences


Speed: 79
Awareness: 78
Agility: 80
Strength: 99
Heart: 100

Weakness: Food

Special move: Big Body Box Out – He knows all the angles to monopolize as many bags of hay as possible just with good body position

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