Origin Story

I love to play games like peek-a-boo and tag.
Just please watch your step because I zig and I zag.
Wiggle a feather and I will jump with such grace and flair.
Sometimes even doing a somersault in midair.

My brother Splish and I were very tiny and had respiratory infections shortly after we were born. Fortunately, we found a family to nurse us back to full health and adopt us. Since then we’ve travelled all over the country from San Diego, to New Jersey and now South Carolina. We always welcome new members with open paws and love watching our family grow.

That being said, I still rule the house (plz don’t tell Tito I said that though). If you are laying where I want to lay, I’ll let you know. In fact, if you just think about laying where I want to lay you might get a little swat. When I’m not laying around waiting to be petted or fed by my humans, you can find me yelling at them to play with me.

My favorite games are string and fetch. I knew a dog when I was younger and he taught me how to play fetch and even got me to appreciate belly rubs. I think Christmas is the best holiday because of all the boxes and wrapping paper… I LOVE cleaning up the wrapping paper. I also enjoy “helping” make the bed and play ghost underneath the sheets, no one helps out around here as much as I do. I’m exhausted just thinking about how much I help, I think it’s time for a little cat nap.

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Type: Domestic Short Hair Cat
Adoption Date: September 9, 2012
Birthplace: San Diego, California
Personality Type: Commander
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Treat: catnip
Favorite Book: The Little Engine that Could
Favorite Song: Wild World – Cat Stevens
Favorite way to relax: A little cat nap, of course
Favorite Movie: Ready Player One
Favorite Celebrity: Kaley Cuoco
Favorite Athlete: Robin Lopez
Dislikes: whatever can of food you open for him


Speed: 88
Awareness: 89
Agility: 93
Strength: 76
Heart: 100

Weakness: ceiling fans

Special move: Crouch and Pounce

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