Origin Story

I love to get comfy in most any place.
Mom and Dad set up pillows so I have my own space.
I’m a big fan of sampler platters.
They call me the closer and that’s all that matters.

You may have already heard my backstory from the point of view of my brother, Splash. While most of it is accurate, he conveniently left out that without me he probably never would have ended up here. Everyone knows I’m the cute one that got us noticed! There is no Splash without Splish, that’s why it’s Splish AND Splash – not the other way around.

I love all the animals here, but it’s so weird – none of them ever want to climb trees with me. I’ll go out on supervised visits with the pigs or the donkeys, and they just look at me funny when I sprint and climb up a nearby tree. I’ll keep trying to teach them, but I think they might be hopeless.

My days are pretty packed, between napping on the sofa, sleeping in a cat bed, resting on a pillow and snuggling with my human mom that I barely have time to chase my sister, Diamond Girl.

All in all, my human servants are pretty great, but sometimes I’ll poop outside the litter box just to remind them who’s boss.

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Type: Domestic Short Hair Cat
Adoption Date: September 9, 2012
Birthplace: San Diego, California
Personality Type: Inspector
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Food: Everything
Favorite Book: The Cat in the Hat
Favorite Song: Casanova Baby! – Gaslight Anthem
Favorite way to relax: Pillow naps
Favorite Movie: Black Panther
Favorite Celebrity: Danai Gurira
Favorite Athlete: Jaylen Waddle
Dislikes: water, strangers


Speed: 78
Awareness: 88
Agility: 94
Strength: 70
Heart: 100

Weakness: exercising

Special move: Claim the High Ground – A quick sprint and a leap/climb to the top of a tower or tree gives him the advantage

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