Willie Nelson

Origin Story

I’m a sweetheart by nature, so chill and so mellow.
Hold up a snack and I’ll be your fellow.
I love to explore all day in my pasture.
Sometimes scared of my shadow, but still not easy to capture.
I also love my routine and rooting blankets in piles.
Just call my name – I’ll give you an oink and a smile.

Unlike many animals here at Lotsa Heart, I was lucky enough to have a nice family prior to coming here. Unfortunately, I think I might have been their first potbelly pig, so they weren’t sure what to feed me. On hog grower food I became quite large and had some health concerns as a result. My family decided to move to a different state and couldn’t take me with them. I was sad, it seemed like it was the end of the road for me as they tried for months to find me a new home but to no avail.

Then, out of the blue, the nice realtor who sold our house came by with some friends and said there’s a new family moving to a farm nearby in a couple weeks and they wanted ME to watch over the farm until they got there. I was honored, but scared and didn’t want to go at first. I squealed and squealed and squealed.  When they finally corralled me and got me to the new farm it was lonely and I was depressed. I didn’t think the new family was coming and my old family was gone.

Then, in the middle of the night a big truck pulled up and half a dozen donkeys came trotting out, hootin’ and hollerin’, and waking me from my slumber. They were wild and ready to party. From that night on my life has been full of joy. The new family took care of me right away, putting me on a proper diet and getting me plenty of exercise. I lost over 100 lbs and went from a grumpy, out of shape pig who could hardly see and walk to an active animal with so many new friends, including my bestie Smiley.

I still have some health concerns as I was recently diagnosed with a rare skin cancer, but I’m getting the proper care and I just know I’m going to beat it. Thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to donate and help me take on this disease. It’s nice to know that I’m loved.

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Type: Potbelly Pig
Adoption Date: September 20th, 2019
Birthplace: South Carolina
Personality Type: Thinker
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Treat: Pumpkin
Favorite Book: Goodnight Moon
Favorite Song: Little Willy – Sweet
Favorite way to relax: Under a canopy, thinking about life
Favorite Movie: The Lion King
Favorite Celebrity: Seth Rogan
Favorite Athlete: Zion Williamson
Dislikes: brussel sprouts, cold baths, skin cancer (I will beat it though!)


Speed: 57
Awareness: 81
Agility: 52
Strength: 96
Heart: 100

Weakness: The Sun

Special move: The Intimidator – just one loud grunt and enemies will take off running when they see his stature and the size of his tusks

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