Origin Story

I’m an absolute sweetheart,
like you wouldn’t believe.
I even wear a heart on my sleeve.
Thankful to be safe and sound
and come to no harm.

Excited to meet my new friends on the farm.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy, you would not believe how so excited I am. I am literally bouncing off the walls, this place is AMAZING. Toys, perches, family, PIGS — WE HAVE PIGS THAT SLEEP IN THE HOUSE, and other cat friends (well, maybe friends, I haven’t decided yet – the other cats are kinda crazy)

When I was dropped off in a feral cat colony by my previous family I thought that was it for me, those cats grew up on the streets and I was just a playful 4 year old furball that didn’t really know how to fend for myself. Fortunately, someone saw that I looked out of place and they scooped me up and took me to a shelter. It was better than outside in some ways, but it was also pretty lonely and kinda boring at times. I just had a small cage to lay in most of the time, and there wasn’t much to do.

A few weeks went by and it seemed like no one was interested in adopting me, but then a nice man took some pictures of me that changed my life. He shared them on social media where people noticed my unique heart shaped marking on my fur. It wasn’t long until the family at Lotsa Heart Animal Sanctuary knew I was meant to join them. They raced over, scooped me up and I’ve been having a blast ever since. There are tunnels to sprint through, things to climb, feathers to attack, doors to open, I even like to get a little nibble in on the giant humans when they try to end playtime early. You should see their faces when I nip those ankles. You’d think I was a tiger attacking them, it’s hilarious how scared they get.

I can’t wait for them to share some of my videos of all the acrobatic tricks I can do. I think the other cats are a little jealous of all the attention the new guy is getting, but they’ll come around. It’s so nice to have a family and so many other animals around. Did I mention they have PIGS?! Can you believe it? I have pig brothers!!!!

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Type: Domestic Short Hair Cat
Adoption Date: January 10, 2023
Birthplace: South Carolina
Personality Type: Entertainer
Favorite Color: Royal Blue
Favorite Treat: Cat food w/cheese in it
Favorite Book: Tom & Jerry Books
Favorite Song: Shut up & Dance by Walk the Moon
Favorite way to relax: catnip pouch
Favorite Movie: DC League of Super Pets
Favorite Celebrity: Jenna Ortega
Favorite Athlete: Bo Jackson
Dislikes: playtime ending, empty food dish


Speed: 96
Awareness: 79
Agility: 99
Strength: 52
Heart: 100

Weakness: Toy Feathers

Special move: Hurricanrana – he leaps in the air toward his opponent before latching on and doing a somersault.

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