Origin Story

My favorite hobby is rearranging my room.
I also love to be petted, snuggled and groomed.
Listen to my stories a while.
All of my oinking will make you smile!

I lived in 3 states before I turned 4 years old (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, South Carolina). I am a care-free, fun loving spirit. Like a lot of pigs, my first human friend found out she wasn’t allowed to have a pig as a pet at her house. One night she said she was taking me to a magical place called New Jersey where I would find a wonderful new family. Boy was she right!

My first day in New Jersey I was found in a field full of miniature horses and donkeys, just little ol’ me chomping on the grass like I was one of the crew. The new human lady that found me decided to take me home to be brothers with another young pig and some donkeys she had recently rescued.

At first, I did NOT get along with the other pig, Tito. We grunted and oinked, butted heads and wrestled until we were exhausted. That’s just what pigs do when we meet for the first time. After a while we decided we could accomplish more working together instead of fighting each other. 

Our room has decorations from my favorite book (Charlotte’s Web) and my brother and I sleep safe and sound, snuggling every night. Life is good! OINK OINK!

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Type: Potbelly Pig
Adoption Day: August 20, 2018
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Personality Type: Protagonist
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Treat: Strawberries
Favorite Book: Charlotte’s Web
Favorite Song: You’ve got a friend in me – Randy Newman
Favorite way to relax: Snoozing in the shade under the bushes
Favorite Movie: The Legend of Zorro (obviously)
Favorite Celebrity: Betty White
Favorite Athlete: Lionel Messi
Dislikes: broccoli, rainy days, nail trims


Speed: 88
Awareness: 72
Agility: 82
Strength: 57
Heart: 100

Weakness: Belly rubs

Special move: The Whirlwind – Runs around in circles creating a cloud of dust so his opponent can’t see him.

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