Tostito (Tito)

Origin Story

I love to do tricks for treats,
but please don’t ask if you have nothing to eat!
I’ve learned so far to sit and twist, and if you ask nicely.
I’ll give you a kiss.

Tostito, it’s a funny name ain’t in. The way the humans tell it, I was wandering around a parking lot with no owner in sight and they had to “trick” me into coming with them by luring me with a Tostito chip. Little did they know, I would have come eventually (where else was I going to go? A parking lot is no place for a pig). I was just holding out for their best offer.

It started out as just me and a few puny little cats roaming around so I was the boss, even had my own couch and tv in the downstairs living room for awhile. Before I knew it, there were donkeys and mules and even another pig. It took some convincing but soon enough they all learned that I was top pig.

We have it pretty good here. I’m lucky to have all these friends and the humans even let me redecorate my room and the yard, which they so desperately needed. They hardly had any dirt in the house and almost no holes in the front yard to lay in. Don’t worry though, I fixed that right up and this place is turning into a pigs paradise.  I also protect our home and look out for everyone, even my little brother Zorro, but one thing I don’t do… share food.

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Type: Potbelly Pig
Adoption Day: May 15, 2018
Birthplace: New Jersey
Personality Type: The Supervisor
Favorite Color: Light Blue
Favorite Treat: Dumor Mini-pig treats
Favorite Book: The Little Red Hen
Favorite Song: Satisfaction – Rolling Stones
Favorite way to relax: A little pool time
Favorite Movie: Zootopia
Favorite Celebrity: Jason Batemen
Favorite Athlete: Tito Martinez
Dislikes: pig boards, surprises, sharing, closed doors


Speed: 82
Awareness: 80
Agility: 76
Strength: 88
Heart: 100

Weakness: Food

Special move: Bull Rush – Charges his opponent and pins them up against a wall before deciding whether to chomp or release.

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