Origin Story

I’m the spokesdonkey of the group.
I’ll hoot and I’ll holler ’til the humans get the scoop.
I’ll play tug o’ war, I’ll jump and I’ll brawl.
I even love to toss around my favorite jolly ball.

I’m one of the little guys on the farm but I have a voice that is louder and more powerful than everyone’s. Being small I had to learn to speak up, otherwise I’d get forgotten or ignored. Naturally, I’m bonded with the biggest mini mule on the farm – big Papi. Together we are strong and loud, but I sure wish he’d share his hay with me a little bit more.

I have started to teach the other donkeys how to sing. Around meal time we always serenade the humans as they come out to the barn so they know we are thankful for the food they are about to give us. Sometimes it takes them a little long so I have to keep singing a solo until they finish preparing our food. I’m not sure they appreciate my music all the time though as every now and then they will try to talk over me or shush me when I’m singing the most beautiful song at the loudest decibel just a couple feet from their face.

It’s ok though, one day we’re gonna start a band. You may have heard there’s a pig on the farm named Willie Nelson, I bet he can find us a record label. Stay TUNED friends!

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Type: Miniature Donkey
Adoption Date: September 20, 2019
Birthplace: New Jersey
Personality Type: Performer
Favorite Color: Tan
Favorite Treat: Carrots
Favorite Book: Speak Up, Wonder Pup
Favorite Song: Dominick the Donkey – Lou Monte
Favorite way to relax: No relaxing here, I want to play!
Favorite Movie: Pitch Perfect
Favorite Celebrity: Anna Kendrick
Favorite Athlete: Justin Tucker
Dislikes: slow food service, watching other animals eat


Speed: 84
Awareness: 90
Agility: 88
Strength: 64
Heart: 100

Weakness: Bigger Donkeys

Special move: Super Kick – If any of the bigger donkeys encroach on his space he’ll give a fierce back kick to remind them that just because he’s small it doesn’t mean they can bully him.

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