Origin Story

I was a surprise baby they all say.
Center of attention in every way.
I love to give hugs and greet our guests.
I tilt my head sideways but it’s not in jest.
It’s your cue to give me cookies, more more more!
After all, I deserve extra after helping with barn chores.

They always call me the baby because I’m the youngest, but I’m now the tallest one here. I don’t get it, but my momma, Chloe, says I’ll always be the baby and I should just embrace it.

I’ve only ever known this nice sanctuary life since my mom was surrendered while she was pregnant with me. I’ve heard all the stories from my barn mates about how lucky I am, so I count my blessings every day. My family is amazing. I get along with everyone, even the humans, and I am most definitely spoiled.

I hope one day I can welcome new animals to our farm and let them know they are in good hands. We have a lot of space here and I cannot wait for the day when we have new barns and fields full of animals that get to have the same love and care that I have. It’s going to be so much fun!

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Type: Mule
Adoption Date: September 20, 2019
Birthplace: New Jersey
Personality Type: Giver
Favorite Color: Teal
Favorite Treat: Watermelon
Favorite Book: Hello, Farm!
Favorite Song: Country Roads, Take Me Home – John Denver
Favorite way to relax: Rolling in the dirt
Favorite Movie: Jumanji
Favorite Celebrity: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
Favorite Athlete: Victor Wembanyama
Dislikes: Being alone, being teased


Speed: 91
Awareness: 84
Agility: 88
Strength: 74
Heart: 100

Weakness: Equine blankets

Special move: The Smother – He comes down from the top, using his height and weight to smother opponents and knock them off balance.

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