Origin Story

Scared and shy when I first arrived.
In retirement I did so thrive.
Friends with every animal I met.
Pet pets and snuggles I did soon get.
Energizer bunny through and through.
Soaking up all this time with you.

I am the original cool cat. For over a dozen years I patrolled the woods and streets of New Jersey as Timothy, Timmy, and eventually ‘Tiny Tim’ – protecting all the animals at the Barnyard Sanctuary from any strange creatures and making sure everyone was accounted for. When Heather came to volunteer I could sense she was the purrfect person to whisk me off into retirement. Just before a big winter storm came through I brushed up against her to let her know it was time to take me in.

Despite efforts to get me back to full health, I was suffering from some illnesses and no one was really sure how much longer I had left, but I’m Jersey tough so I kept fighting. Heather brought me in and took me for experimental treatments and I started to improve. While I never fully recovered I was able to go on living a wonderful life until I was almost 20 years old.

It took me awhile to warm up to all the younger cats in the family, but that little oreo colored pig Zorro and I got along right away. We even shared a bed some nights. I protected him from his big brother Tito, and he protected me from all those rascally cats – but eventually we both came around to loving all the animals in the family.

It was really a quite nice retirement. I moved from New Jersey to South Carolina, got to spend some time outdoors riding donkeys and playing with pigs, even laid in a hammock. The only thing that was a little weird was having my human parents dress me up in silly outfits and take pictures throughout the year. That is not something I would have ever imagined in my younger years, but I was willing to make some sacrifices since the rest of my life was so sweet.

Please support this wonderful family that never gave up on this old cat and help them save more animals like me.


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Donate in memory of Timothy. The funds will go toward the care of all their friends.

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Type: Domestic Shorthair Cat
Adoption Date: 2018
Birthplace: New Jersey
Personality Type: Visionary
Favorite Color: Gold
Favorite Snack: Cat crunchies (dry food)
Favorite Book: Magic Dragon Dust
Favorite Song: Fight Song – Rachel Platten & Cool Cat by Queen
Favorite way to relax: sleeping on a heating pad
Favorite Show: The Walking Dead
Favorite Celebrity: Norman Reedus
Favorite Athlete: Vince Carter
Favorite Brand: Cool Cats
Dislikes: baths, medicine


Speed: 70
Awareness: 90
Agility: 87
Strength: 70
Heart: 100

Weakness: heating pads

Special move: The Cone Boop – Being forced to wear the cone of shame has some advantages, great for booping humans when you want something or other animals when they get too close

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