Origin Story

I’m the cat that started it all.
Hard to believe I was pick up at a mall.

I loved to play hide and go seek.
Promise I never snuck in a peek.
I loved to climb palm tress and then curl up for a nap.
My favorite spot was sprawled out on your lap.

If you really want to know how all this began, you’ve come to the right place. I am the true origin story of Lotsa Heart Animal Sanctuary. I’m the Beeson family cat that Heather grew attached to and took with her from Illinois all the way to San Diego. I had fun in the sun, climbed some really big palm trees and lived a great life. I was spoiled, an only child at the time with no other pets to take up her attention. I had wall climbs, toys, perches, more toys, and all the food I could eat. I pretty much just alternated between playing, snuggling and sleeping. Since it’s always sunny in San Diego there was always a sunspot for a little cat nap. I never had a bad day.

Unfortunately, some cat food manufacturers let me down and it resulted in a challenging kidney disease. But Heather and her brother Dave never gave up on me and spared no expense. They found the best vets to keep me going strong for as long as I could continue to enjoy life. From this experience, Heather’s passion for caring for and saving animals in need started to flourish. Everyone that comes after me has good ol’ Kramer to thank for warming the hearts of the Lotsa Heart founders.

Please continue to support them so I can continue to be a hero to other animals through them. Giddy Up!

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Type: Domestic Shorthair Cat
Adoption Date: 1996
Birthplace: Illinois
Personality Type: Mastermind
Favorite Color: Light Blue
Favorite Treat: Shrimp
Favorite Book: Seinfeld Coffee Table Book
Favorite Song: All You Need is Love – The Beatles
Favorite way to relax: on my human Mom’s lap
Favorite Movie: Puss in Boots
Favorite Celebrity: Cosmo Kramer
Favorite Athlete: Mike Trout
Dislikes: bad food, greedy humans


Speed: 92
Awareness: 90
Agility: 93
Strength: 85
Heart: 100

Weakness: Shrimp

Special move: Suffocating Snuggler – once he starts a snuggle session you were forced to remain still until he was finished.

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