I’m the cat that started it all. Hard to believe I was pick up at a mall. I loved to play hide and go seek. Promise I never snuck in a peek. I loved to climb palm tress and then curl up for a nap. My favorite spot was sprawled out on your lap. If […]


Scared and shy when I first arrived. In retirement I did so thrive. Friends with every animal I met. Pet pets and snuggles I did soon get. Energizer bunny through and through. Soaking up all this time with you. I am the original cool cat. For over a dozen years I patrolled the woods and […]


My name is Newman, but they nicknamed me Bear. I used to be wild, but now I’m in care. Just call me up and pet my soft fur. Listen real closely and you’ll hear me purr. Ruffle a feather or wiggle some strings.  Playing with you is one of my favorite things. I used to […]