Katniss, potbelly pig

My name is Katniss, and I’ve survived something that I never thought I could. You see, I started life as a tiny potbelly pig, as a pet for a family. But as fate would have it, illness struck me down, and suddenly I was too much for them to handle. I remember the day they […]


Potbelly pig Gidget

With a mischievous gleam in her eye, She’d frolic and scamper in the bright blue sky. In pools of water, she’d find delight, Splashing and laughing, a joyful sight. Through the days, she’d run and play, With a peanut butter spatula, her favorite display. Her spirit unyielding, a spirit so bold, In her little world, […]

Willie Nelson

A white furry potbelly pig with tusks a couple inches long, smiling while standing on the grass in front of a tan barn.

I’m a sweetheart by nature, so chill and so mellow. Hold up a snack and I’ll be your fellow. I love to explore all day in my pasture. Sometimes scared of my shadow, but still not easy to capture. I also love my routine and rooting blankets in piles. Just call my name – I’ll […]


Since I was paired with my bff Willie. I’m warmer and nicer and often quite silly. I love to sit and open wide for a treat. I long for the days I get a whole pumpkin to eat. I love to dig mud holes and bathe in the sun. Doing pig things is always so […]

Tostito (Tito)

I love to do tricks for treats, but please don’t ask if you have nothing to eat! I’ve learned so far to sit and twist, and if you ask nicely. I’ll give you a kiss. Tostito, it’s a funny name ain’t in. The way the humans tell it, I was wandering around a parking lot […]


The head of a black and white potbelly pig is peaking out of a green and red plaid blanket.

My favorite hobby is rearranging my room. I also love to be petted, snuggled and groomed. Listen to my stories a while. All of my oinking will make you smile! I lived in 3 states before I turned 4 years old (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, South Carolina). I am a care-free, fun loving spirit. Like a […]