My name is Lola, and I am a gentle older cat with a soft coat. I spent my entire life with a wonderful family, growing up with their children and other pets while offering comfort through the years. When they decided to embark on mission work with their church, they realized I would not be […]


Katniss, potbelly pig

My name is Katniss, and I’ve survived something that I never thought I could. You see, I started life as a tiny potbelly pig, as a pet for a family. But as fate would have it, illness struck me down, and suddenly I was too much for them to handle. I remember the day they […]


Once a barn cat where shadows play, Rescued into warmth, his fears swept away, Christmas brought a home, a love untold – Big-pawed and sweet, his story unfolds… Feathers in air, a playful delight Once shy, now basks in love’s soft light In the house, a haven to enfold Griswold’s sincerity, a treasure to hold. […]


mufasa the russian blue kitten

Mufasa, the lion-hearted, bold and true, With a mane so fluffy and fur of blue. Toilet paper is his passion, a playful affair, Rollin’ and tumblin’ without a care. Chasing his tail, a mesmerizing dance, In a world of wonder, he’d often prance. A whirlwind of joy, a furry spree, Mufasa’s spirit wild and free. […]


Potbelly pig Gidget

With a mischievous gleam in her eye, She’d frolic and scamper in the bright blue sky. In pools of water, she’d find delight, Splashing and laughing, a joyful sight. Through the days, she’d run and play, With a peanut butter spatula, her favorite display. Her spirit unyielding, a spirit so bold, In her little world, […]


I’m an absolute sweetheart, like you wouldn’t believe. I even wear a heart on my sleeve. Thankful to be safe and sound and come to no harm. Excited to meet my new friends on the farm. Oh boy oh boy oh boy, you would not believe how so excited I am. I am literally bouncing […]


I’m the cat that started it all. Hard to believe I was pick up at a mall. I loved to play hide and go seek. Promise I never snuck in a peek. I loved to climb palm tress and then curl up for a nap. My favorite spot was sprawled out on your lap. If […]


Scared and shy when I first arrived. In retirement I did so thrive. Friends with every animal I met. Pet pets and snuggles I did soon get. Energizer bunny through and through. Soaking up all this time with you. I am the original cool cat. For over a dozen years I patrolled the woods and […]


My name is Newman, but they nicknamed me Bear. I used to be wild, but now I’m in care. Just call me up and pet my soft fur. Listen real closely and you’ll hear me purr. Ruffle a feather or wiggle some strings.  Playing with you is one of my favorite things. I used to […]


I was a surprise baby they all say. Center of attention in every way. I love to give hugs and greet our guests. I tilt my head sideways but it’s not in jest. It’s your cue to give me cookies, more more more! After all, I deserve extra after helping with barn chores. They always […]