I was a surprise baby they all say. Center of attention in every way. I love to give hugs and greet our guests. I tilt my head sideways but it’s not in jest. It’s your cue to give me cookies, more more more! After all, I deserve extra after helping with barn chores. They always […]


I am quite shy of humans until I get to know you firsthand. Then I get quite good at reading your command. I’m a good mother donkey, bonded to my son. We love to groom one another as well as chase and have fun. When I was surrendered to my old sanctuary in New Jersey […]


I’m the alpha of this band of donkeys and mules. I protect everyone and make sure they follow the rules. As the leader I make sure I am first in line. Otherwise, the cookie monster in me comes out and I’ll whine. When it comes to meal time I don’t like to be late. I’ll […]


I’m the spokesdonkey of the group. I’ll hoot and I’ll holler ’til the humans get the scoop. I’ll play tug o’ war, I’ll jump and I’ll brawl. I even love to toss around my favorite jolly ball. I’m one of the little guys on the farm but I have a voice that is louder and […]


A white and brown spotted minature donkey with a gray cat standing on its back.

I’m as sweet as they come. Gentle natured at heart. I’m a real life marshmallow. And also quite smart. I love to have a few tricks up my sleeve. My favorite is to hold my bowl up so that I shall receive. A donkey named Shrek, who woulda thought? If we’re playing roles, I certainly […]


Although I can come across as being quite shy. Say the word “cookie” and I’ll be your guy. I’ll give you sweet kisses if you promise a snack. But I eat them up quickly so you can’t take them back! I’m the wild man on campus. I love to run and go a little crazy […]